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Apply for Professional Development Award

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Online Application Instruction Summary

  1. Fill out the Application Form, including the abstract
  2. Go to My Applications and Awards to find your new application-in-progress; use the "Upload Documents" link to upload the required documents
  3. From My Applications and Awards, click "Submit as Final" to submit the completed application materials to your DEO(s)

Before preparing your application, read the information regarding requirements and deadlines for Professional Development Award (formerly Career Development Award) applications:


The application consists of five parts:

  • the application form, which must be completed and submitted online; and
  • four documents, to be uploaded via the online system following submission of the application form:
    • prospectus,
    • justification,
    • summary curriculum vitae, and
    • last faculty developmental award report, if applicable.

Application Process

Application Form

  1. Applicant Information: Review and complete directory / appointment information.
  2. Previous Award Information: Indicate what developmental awards (with pay) and/or leaves of absence (with or without pay) you have accepted over the past five years.
  3. Proposed Activity / Abstract
    If your request for a Professional Development Award is approved by the college and university, it will be submitted to the Board of Regents as part of the request for approval of your award. Please make sure your abstract meets the following requirements. Failure to do so may jeopardize approval of your award.  There are sample abstracts available.
    Instructions for abstracts:
    1. The abstract must be between 400 and 1,200 CHARACTERS maximum, including spaces.
    2. Use clear and concise language that would be understood easily by a layperson.
    3. Write the abstract in third person and in active voice (e.g., Professor Smith will complete research for her book on Shakespeare).
    4. Summarize the proposed activity and the expected outcome of the activity.
    5. Describe how the award will benefit teaching/students and the University of Iowa.
    6. Describe how the award will benefit the state of Iowa or society generally.
    7. Professional Development Awards: Please refer to the award as a “Professional Development Assignment” or “PDA.” We are required to use this terminology in reporting to the Board of Regents.
  4. Funding Information.
    Indicate whether you have received external funding to help support any aspect of the proposed activity. If so, provide a brief description of the funding source(s) and amount(s).
  5. Understanding of Obligation to the University and the State.
    Check the box to indicate that you understand your obligation(s) to the university and the state should you receive a Professional Development Award.

Prospectus (maximum 5 pages, double-spaced)

Explain the project in terms that an educated reader from outside your field can understand. Specify:

  1. Purpose and significance: Describe the nature and significance of the project, including a clear, concise statement of the objectives for the project and your aims in undertaking it.
  2. Work to be accomplished: Describe specifically what you plan to do during the award period. Where will you do the work? Identify persons (if any) with whom you will work.
  3. Projected results: What tangible results will your project have, what form will they take, and how and where will you share your results with others (e.g., publication, presentation, exhibition, classes)?

Justification (maximum 1 page, double-spaced)

How will the project contribute to your teaching (be specific with course titles, number of students taught)? How will it contribute to your own scholarly development? In what way does this project require a time commitment beyond that involved in the normal activities encompassed in teaching, research, scholarship, and service?

Summary Curriculum Vitae (2 to 5 pages)

Upload a summary (NOT your complete CV) of your professional employment, duties, and accomplishments. Include a list (selected, if necessary, to keep within the page limits) of your professional publications and creative works, with the correct sequence of authors for joint publications. Include other information relevant to appraising the proposed assignment project.

Last Award Report (if applicable)

Upload a copy of your last UI Faculty Development Award (e.g., Professional Development Award or other developmental award), if any. If you do not have a copy of your previous report or if your last developmental award did not require a formal report, in a maximum of 3 double-spaced pages specify:

  1. the nature and purpose of your previous project(s);
  2. impact on your research direction and the research of graduate students supervised;
  3. follow-up work and funding that resulted from the previous project (be specific with project titles, funding sources, and amounts of grants);
  4. products, exhibitions, performances, and presentations resulting from the previous project (be specific with titles, journals, dates, and so forth); and
  5. academic and instructional benefits attributable to the project (include course titles and number of students taught).