The University of Iowa

Cluster Hiring Announcement

Dear colleagues,

Last April the Office of the Provost invited proposals to recruit tenure-track or tenured faculty in two interdisciplinary clusters -- one in the field of "Public Humanities" and one in the field of "Aging." Two faculty committees, one for each cluster, reviewed the proposals over the summer and in some cases raised questions with the proposing units that ultimately helped to strengthen their plans. Last month we announced the winning proposal for the Public Humanities cluster (see

We are pleased to tell you now about the second winning proposal: "The Aging Mind and Brain." You may have seen the news release that went out about this initiative yesterday (, but we also wanted to announce this exciting initiative to you directly, and take this opportunity to thank the many faculty who were involved in creating this extraordinary opportunity for the University.


Tom W. Rice
Associate Provost for Faculty

Richard Hichwa
Associate Vice President for Research