University of Iowa

Conflicts of Interest in Employment

To: All University Faculty and Staff
From: Kevin Ward, Interim Vice President for Human Resources
Kevin C. Kregel, Associate Provost for Faculty
Re: Annual Policy Notifications-Conflicts of Interest in Employment (Nepotism)
Date: April 5, 2016

As part of our series of annual policy notifications, we encourage you to review the Conflicts of Interest in Employment (Nepotism) policy for University of Iowa faculty and staff.

The Policy on Conflicts of Interest in Employment (Nepotism) can be found here:

The University of Iowa and its employees are committed to the principle of objective, fair, and equitable treatment of all employees.  Accordingly, it is crucial that University activities be conducted in an atmosphere that is free of actual or apparent conflicts of interest that compromise this principle.

A conflict of interest in employment may arise when a University of Iowa employee is in a supervisory role over another University of Iowa employee or there is a direct reporting line between two such individuals.  Examples include spouses or partners, siblings, parent-child relationships, as well as significant personal or business relationships.

To protect both the integrity and objectivity of its employees in the performance of their University obligations, and to create a workplace environment based in equity and fairness, it is the policy of the University that conflicts of interest in employment should be avoided whenever possible, and otherwise disclosed and managed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kevin Ward, Interim Vice President for Human Resources, at 335-0056 or by email at, or Kevin Kregel, Associate Provost for Faculty, at 335-0256 or by email at