The University of Iowa

Facilities Management

  • Space Planning – Allocation of campus space is vetted by the Space Planning Committee.  Any collegiate request for space should be submitted via the Space Request Form for consideration by the committee.
  • Systems:
    • Space Information Management System (SIMS) – web-based information system which stores facility floor plans.
    • Facilities Management Requisition – system to route Facility project and service requests via workflow.  To access this application:  Self-Service->Administration->Forms->Facilities Management Requisition.
    • Accounting Customer Report Details – online reports that provide details of billings made by FM for projects and services provided.
  • Facility Project Requests
    • Projects estimated at less than $1M can be requested by submitting a “New Project Request” via the FM Requisition online via self-service.
    • Projects estimated at more than $1M require review and approval by the Capital Project Review Committee.  Units should initiate a CPRC application and route it through the appropriate collegiate approval process and the Office of the Provost.  Once approval has been received, the application can be forwarded to the Office of the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management for review.
  • Facility Service Request – Service requests can be processed by submitting a “Dept Work Order” via the Facilities Management Requisition online via self-service.