The University of Iowa

Faculty Review (Form Processing)

  1. Getting Started: The Faculty Review Application is available in Employee Self-Service.

  • Log in to Employee Self-Service,

  • Click on the "Administration" tab, and

  • Under "Faculty Admin. Applications," click on the "Faculty Review Application" link to access the "Faculty Review Dashboard."

  1. Exemptions:  If exempt, specify reason from a drop-down list of specified exemptions (e.g., Promotion Review, Within One Year of Announced Retirement, Leave of Absence, Resigned/Terminated).  Data entered into these fields will be transferred to the Provost Office’s Faculty Status File in order to establish the due date of the faculty member’s next review.

  2. Start Review Form:

  • Workflow Status:  Click on the "Start Review" button to begin the workflow process.  Once the Faculty Review form is initiated, it will say "Routing" or "Completed" in the Workflow Status column.

  • Attachments:  The initiator and others on the workflow path can add attachments to the Faculty Review form.

    • CV*(e.g., CV used to conduct review),

    • Evaluation Documents* (e.g., Review Summary), and

    • Correspondence (e.g., DEO letter, Faculty/Reviewee Response).

*will auto-upload to ePersonnel file upon finalization of the transaction.

  • Workflow Path:  Select the appropriate path from the options given.  The path for tenured faculty reviews is the same as for probationary and non-tenure-track faculty reviews, except tenured faculty reviews do not require Provost Office approval unless determined by the Dean’s level to require Provost Office review.  If Provost Office review is required, the Dean’s level approver should ad hoc the form to Angie Johnson (
  • If the review form is unapproved by the faculty member for longer than ten days, an automated message will be sent on Friday evenings to the person who has not yet approved the form.  If, after 14 days, the reviewee has not approved a form, the department may contact their faculty HR Rep to discuss options.  If it is determined that the workflow path should be overrode and the form is returned to the previous level without the faculty member’s electronic signature, all documents should be forwarded to the faculty reviewee’s email address as attachments and personal confirmation should be documented that the email was received.  A note to this effect should be made in the “Remarks” section of the workflow form that is returned to the previous level (e.g., “Form moved on from reviewee after [____] days of inaction. All review documents sent to reviewee via email by [name]”).

  1. Monitoring Compliance: To run customized compliance reports in the "Faculty Review Application," you can click on the "Workflow Status" drop down box to filter the workflow forms that are “Not Initiated,” “Routing,” or “Completed.”  The Office of the Provost will use the "Faculty Review Application" to monitor the completion of all faculty reviews, including tenured faculty reviews.

  2. Completion Timeline: Colleges will conduct faculty reviews according to their internal timelines.  All probationary and non-tenure-track faculty reviews must be received in the Office of the Provost by April 15th of each year, and tenured faculty reviews must be finalized in UI Workflow by June 30th of each year.  To ensure that tenured faculty members with academic year appointments are able to view/approve their review documents while on campus, workflow forms should be initiated no later than mid-April, unless otherwise noted in departmental procedures. 

  3. Faculty Status File: If a faculty member’s record is inaccurate (e.g., shows that someone is due for a five-year review at a time that is different than collegiate records), please contact Debbie Millsap ( in the Office of the Provost to confirm and/or update the Faculty Status File.

For more information about the Faculty Review Form or process, please contact Debbie Millsap, Office of the Provost via email: or phone: (319) 335-1187.