The University of Iowa

Final Report of the Gender Equity Task Force

Faculty and Staff Colleagues:

I'm writing to announce that the Gender Equity Task Force, which I appointed last spring and charged with recommending changes and programs to increase the number of women faculty at The University of Iowa and improve their quality of life, has submitted its final report and recommendations to me. The full report is available online at

I appointed the Task Force because the only way we can hope to make real progress in our diversity goals, including gender equity, is to begin with an honest assessment of where we stand now. I'm grateful to the Task Force for having made that assessment so thoughtfully and thoroughly. As a result, it's clear that we have a great deal more work to do in this area; but we also have a platform from which to begin that work.

As with the recently released report of the Diversity Action Committee, I encourage you to read the Task Force's report and share your reactions with me. I will greatly value input from across campus as I consider how best to act on the report's recommendations.

Michael J. Hogan
Executive Vice President and Provost
F. Wendell Miller Professor of History