The University of Iowa

News regarding UI mumps clinics


As a university faculty member you should be aware of communications being directed to our students. 

Because we've seen the number of mumps cases on campus increase to more than 100, public health officials are recommending that our students who are younger than 25 (who are at the highest risk for mumps) receive a free third dose of the MMR vaccine.  This is an effort to help protect everyone from mumps and its complications, and to reduce the spread of the infection--not only on campus, but across the state and beyond Iowa since Thanksgiving break is fast approaching.  Information for these students is available online at the UI Student Health & Wellness website:  Additional information can be found in Iowa Now:

PLEASE NOTE: There is currently no recommendation that UI faculty, staff, or students 25 and older receive a third MMR dose. Faculty and staff may contact their health care providers with any questions or concerns regarding their personal health.

As you know and may wish to remind your students, the best way to protect your health during times of colds, flu, or other infectious conditions is to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer frequently. Practicing good hand hygiene, not sharing drinking or eating utensils, and limiting contact with infected people helps reduce the spread of disease.

Additional important detail about the university's Medical Absences Policy and about mumps (its symptoms and how it is transmitted) is available at

P. Barry Butler
Executive Vice President and Provost