The University of Iowa

Phil's Day Photo Contest

UI Faculty and Staff:

On Thursday, May 2, we will celebrate the 2nd annual "Phil's Day" on campus.

Phil--short for philanthropy--refers to the many faculty, staff, alumni, and friends who make donations to the UI, as well as the collective impact of their gifts.  Whether you have made a donation to the university or have benefited in some way from private support to the UI (or both) . . . Phil's Day is for you.  It's our day to celebrate philanthropy on our campus, and I hope you'll mark your calendar and plan to join in!

You can find Phil at work on campus in many ways.  Consider, for example, support for your research, scholarships to support promising students, professorships or chairs that many of you hold,  and modern equipment and facilities that we enjoy on the UI campus.

In advance of Phil's Day, the University of Iowa Foundation's Student Philanthropy Group is inviting all members of the UI community to participate in a social media event to celebrate the impact of philanthropy on campus--the #philwashere Instagram Challenge.

From now until April 14, you can join students and community members in sharing where you see Phil at work on campus. Here's how the challenge works:

  1. Download the Instagram app to your smartphone (if you don't already have it);
  2. Follow @uiphil on Instagram                           
  3. Snap a photo showing philanthropy at work on campus
  4. Share it on Instagram using the tag #philwashere
  5. You may also submit your photo entry by e-mail at

For more details about philanthropy, Phil's Day 2013, and the Instagram Challenge, visit

P. Barry Butler
Executive Vice President and Provost