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Strategic Initiative Task Force on Graduate Education: Selective Excellence

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Articulate a strategic vision and priorities for increased excellence in graduate education at The University of Iowa. Develop an implementation plan with metrics and timetable.

Issues to address may include:

  • Based on the vision, the forthcoming NRC rankings, and other relevant criteria (quality, centrality, etc.), which areas—among the 100 or so graduate programs, including 70 doctoral programs—should get enhanced investment from new or reallocated resources, or be supported at the current level, or be downsized, or be phased-out?
  • What emerging opportunities in graduate education should the University pursue?
  • How to recruit more top doctoral students and professional master students and ensure timely degree completion?
  • Coordinate better the allocation of graduate student support from all University sources.


  • Chair: Sarah Larsen, professor, chemistry
  • Tim Ansley, associate professor, psychological & quantitative foundations
  • Kurt Anstreicher, professor, management sciences
  • Gail Bishop, professor, microbiology and immunology
  • Tom Boggess, professor, physics & astronomy
  • Sandy Damico, dean, College of Education
  • Maureen Donovan, professor, pharmaceutics
  • Bernd Fritzsch, professor, biology
  • Keri Hornbuckle, professor, civil & environmental engineering
  • Michael Jones, professor, biostatistics
  • Tom Lewis, professor, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Ann Marie McCarthy, professor, nursing
  • Cathleen Moore, professor, psychology
  • Alexandra Nica, graduate student, economics
  • Andrew Russo, professor, molecular physiology and biophysics
  • John Scott, professor, art & art history
  • Alberto Segre, professor, computer science
  • Claire Sponsler, professor, English
  • Marc Wold, professor, biochemistry
  • Ex officio: John Keller, associate provost for graduate education
  • Ex officio: Don Szeszycki, associate vice president, Office of the Provost


John Keller, associate provost for graduate education and dean of the Graduate College
205 GILH


Updated September 3, 2009