The University of Iowa

A Vision for the Future

The animating strategic vision for 2010-2016 is of a distinguished research university of global reach and impact that has, at its core, vibrant programs for student success.

Renewing The Iowa Promise

In fall 2010, the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, approved the University of Iowa’s strategic plan:

Founded on an honest assessment of the context in which we expect to function over the planning period, the plan sets high expectations and guides the university to take advantage of emerging opportunities and meet developing challenges.  While reaffirming the university’s commitment to excellence and to maintaining the high quality of our core missions and programs, the plan emphasizes “focused excellence” in strategically targeted priority areas.

The provost provides leadership for strategic academic planning at the University of Iowa, and has a primary responsibility for implementing the strategies for advancement that are identified in the university’s strategic plan.  In its capacity as steward of the university’s academic mission, the Office of the Provost supports the activities of the colleges and other academic and student service units, evaluates progress in achieving the university’s strategic planning goals, and allocates resources to in support of those goals.

In these pages, learn more about the priorities outlined in the current strategic plan and about some of the key initiatives the university is pursuing in order to achieve the objectives identified in the plan.