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Title:  Office of the Provost Policy Guidance on: SUMMER APPOINTMENTS (2018)
Issued by:   Office of the Provost Faculty HR Administration
Updated: April 26, 2018

The following guidance has been developed to provide you with easy access to the various policies and procedures governing summer employment of faculty and staff.  Please distribute this document to people in your college involved in initiating and approving summer appointment forms.

Salaries and Appointment Process:

  1. Compensation Instructions for Summer Session Courses provides guidance from the Division of Continuing Education for the preparation of summer session appointment workflow forms for academic- and fiscal-year faculty, adjunct faculty, professional and scientific, and graduate assistants employees.  As noted in the document, the type of workflow form required varies by employee type:
  • Summer Support Form for academic year faculty,
  • Special Compensation Form for fiscal year appointments, and
  • Adjunct Support Form for adjunct faculty. 
  1. Compensation for Teaching: Per the UI Operations Manual policy, 17.8(1) Summer Session Salaries, for academic year faculty the rate for teaching one course is one-ninth the previous year's salary for a three-semester-hour course.  For additional guidance related to Instructor Compensation, please see the Division of Continuing Ed website: Summer Session, Winter Session | Division of Continuing Education
  2. Fringe Rates: Appointments beginning 7/1/2018 will be charged the FY19 fringe benefit rate. See UI Accounting website for details:

Sponsored Projects (Funds 500 & 510):

  1. 17.17(4) Employment on Grants and Contracts Administered by the University, UI Operations Manual: A faculty member holding an appointment for the academic year may be employed by the University outside the academic year on a part-time or a full-time basis in summer session teaching, in sponsored research or training programs, or in other activities. Compensation for summer employment in any of these activities is based on the academic year rate of pay established for the faculty member for the academic year within the past fiscal year during which the service is rendered. University funds are not obligated to subsidize summer salaries if the grant award is less than the University's established rate for the previous nine months.
  2. Guidance for Faculty Summer Appointments on Sponsored Projects (Funds 500 & 510), faculty on academic year appointments should not normally charge 100% of 3 months’ salary to grants. If faculty on academic year appointments charge 100% of 3 months of summer salary to grants, the individual must agree that all activities during the summer will be directly related to the sponsored award that is funding the summer salary. Specifically, the faculty member would not take vacation during the summer or participate in any University activities that are not specific to the grant funding the summer months, such as departmental administrative responsibilities, proposal writing for new or competing projects, student mentoring not related to the purpose of the project, etc. Faculty members and their departments are responsible for ensuring that faculty summer compensation costs are appropriate and allowable. Inappropriate charges that result in disallowances must be reimbursed from departmental funds.

UI Faculty Fellowships and Awards:

  1. Faculty Fellowship Awards: For colleges that distribute the Old Gold Summer Fellowship as compensation during the summer months (rather than research support), departments should initiate a Summer Support appointment form typically identifying the time period as 7/1/16-7/31/16 and noting the type of award in the remarks section.
  2. Obermann Center Summer Appointments: These awards are processed by The Obermann Center for Advanced Studies. Please contact Erin Hackathorn for more information:

For additional information, please contact: