The University of Iowa

University Billing

  • University Billing is the centralized billing and collection point for student accounts and is a division of Treasury Operations.
  • The UI Operations Manual states that only certain central offices are permitted to opening University of Iowa bank accounts.  Collegiate units and departments should work with the Treasurer's Office related to their banking needs.  If the unit is an approved cash collection point, units should comply with University Billing Office's Departmental Deposit Preparation guidelines. 
  • Systems:
    • E-Deposit – eDeposit is a web based application for units to electronically submit accounting information for departmental bank deposits. 
    • MAUI – Billing reports and applications are available via the MAUI student information system.  Units can process departmental scholarships or submit Ubill charges via this application.
    • Charge Types – Charge types are used to associate an MFK with a departmental accounts receivable charge (example: Student Fees).  To request a new charge type or change and existing charge type, email your request to